What is VPN ? Everyone Should Use It !!!

Hi, Today I’m going to tell you about VPN ; What is VPN? Uses? Misuses? Best VPNs…….So, Subscribe 13hub.com & Learn Like Never Before !!!
VPN – Virtual Private Network. VPN is a secure internet connection over the another network. If you want to hide your search and history of internet surffing than you should use VPN. You can also unblock sites by VPN which are blocked in your country but not blocked in other country.
VPN is like tunnel. If you use VPN & when you search on internet than you can’t get results directly but first your VPN service provider get data and they give you data. So, No one can know what you are searching even the government and your Internet Service Provider.
Ex: If you are using USA based VPN or connect USA and if you open Google Maps than your location is shown in usa. You can access Netflix through VPN.

Uses of VPN :

  • Protect Your Privacy
  • Do Safe Internet Surffing
  • Unblock Websites
  • Bypass Internet Censorship
  • Downloading Files from Torrent
Note : If you do illegal activities than VPN service provider have to give your data to government.

Best VPN Service Provider :

  • Express VPN : Fastest VPN, HD Streaming, Multi-Device,94 Countries, Money back Guarantee
  • Nord VPN : Very Secure & Private, 61 Countries, Strict No Logs Policy
  • Pure VPN : Unlimited Bandwidth, Fast Download, 7 Day Money back, Unlimited Server                                   Switches
  • CyberGhost VPN : 30 Day Money Back, Secure and Private
  • HideMyAss VPN : Built in Speed Testing, 1,00,000 IP Addresses, Fight Malware & Spam
  • Private VPN : For Torrenting and Gaming, No Data Logs, Great for Small Home Network
  • Vypr VPN : Defeats VPN blocking and Throttling, 70 Countries, Easy to Use
  • Hotspot Shield VPN : Secure, Life-Time Service at Onetime Fee, Ad Free Browsing, Malware                                             Protection
  • Phantom VPN : Focus on Privacy, Free Anti-Virus, End-to-End Encryption
So, Use VPN and stay secure.
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Author – Jay Patel
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