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Hi, Today I’m going to explain you how to be a smart blogger. So, keep it up and Subscribe to Learn Like Never Before !!!

If you would like start a blog than you have to be very patienceful. You can’t get subscriber or visitor suddenly. you have to work hard to get 1000 daily visitors on your website. There is many reasons that you can’t get visitors.
1. Your Intension
      If you are making website with intension of making money & you think that you’ll earn money easily from website by putting ads & other content than you are wrong. There is million of websites better than your websites. You have to think as a website visitor & don’t upload any content as harmful for website as for visitor. You have to write content from which your visitor get satisfaction & don’t get irritate. Don’t think of make money by ads in your 1st year of blogging.
2. The main reason is SEO (search Engine Optimization)
    SEO is needed for any website. It is free, natural & organic for any search engine. If you have better SEO than your website ranking is increased and you’ll get success to get more visitors. On-Page SEO & Off page SEO are needed and you have to create thousand of Backlinks & Directory Submissions. If you have more backlinks from high quality websites than google consider you as high quality website and you’ll get top at the google.
3. Marketing
     After SEO the most required thing is MARKETING. Without marketing you’ll get nothing. Ex: LeEco, Mobile manufacturing company from china (Not like any other chinese product) entered in India. Its mobile are very powerful (Snapdragon 821,QHD Display, 4 Gb ram, 21 MP + 8 MP camera only in 15999/- , I bought it) & killer specification and superb design but marketing is very poor. If it have marketing budget like VIVO, OPPO or XIAOMI than it would be top in India now.
So, from above example, i would like to tell you that tell about your website to your friends, relatives, roommates, classmates or any one who meet you. Online marketing, share your website’s posts to whatsapp, facebook, instagram, forums & many websites. Don’t loose any chance of marketing.
4. Content
      Your content is king of your website. So, write very responsive, clean & better content. Don’t be lazy if you have write too long content. Don’t copy & paste whole post from other websites. You can take 2-3 lines & information from them. Your content have to be unique not like YouTube … Everyone wishes to do technical videos on youtube… . Create links of your other posts between two paragraphs or somewhere into posts.
Use Images as much as possible because an image can tell better than more writing. Use indiactor in image and describe better.
5. Other
     Buy custom domain like , don’t use or behinf your webaddrees. If you have money than you can buy high quality backlinks from here. Do search engine submissions, make sitemap, include robot.txt file to webmaster.
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Author – Jay Patel
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