What is Proxy Server and Why you need to use it??? Learn Now !!!

Hi, Today I’m going to explain what is Proxy Server.…In now days, Everyone need to hide their internet surfing and maintain privacy and Hackers need to hide their IP address from cyber cell. So, They use proxy server and even chain proxy to hide their identity.

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What is Proxy?

A Proxy Server is Essentially A Middle Computer That Sits Between The Viewer and The Server.

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To Mask Your IP Under A Proxy Server To Show That You Live in a Different Country and To Make Yourself Untraceable.

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What Do Proxy Work?

Normally, When you open a website, your pc sends your IP address to the website, so that they send the webpage to your computer. With a proxy, your information is being sent to the proxy server first and then the proxy server load the website for you, then forwarding to you. Therefore, the websites  see the IP address of the proxy server you used and not yours.

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Logged Proxy vs. Proxy Chaining

When you use only one server as proxy server then it is called ‘Logged Proxy‘. So, Your location (IP Address) show in a country whom proxy server is used by you.

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In Proxy Chaining, You can use two or more proxy server from different countries. You can use first proxy server from USA, Second from Russia, Third one from India and more on…When someone going to trace you then first your location is seen as India. If one can successful to get detail from India’s proxy server then one came to know that you are in Russia and more on…

Use Democratic Unfriendly (Enemy) Countries Proxy Server to make yourself untraceable.

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Why you should use Proxy?

  • To hide your IP Address and hackers can hack without any legal corollary.
  • To mask the actual source of attack.
  • To remotely access intranets and other websites that are normally off limits.
  • To unblock websites that blocked in your country.
  • To interrupt all the requests sent by attackers and transmit them to a third destination, hence victims will only be able to identify the proxy server address.
  • Use Chain Proxy Server to avoid detection.

Proxy Tools :

  • Proxifier : Bypass Firewall Protection, Proxy Chaining Support, Full IPv6 Support
  • Proxy Switcher :  Easy Way to Change Proxy Setting, Password Protected Servers, Automatic                                      Proxy Server Switching
  • Proxy Workbench
  • Socks Chain
  • TOR (The Onion Routing)

Get Free Proxy IP List :

Use Proxy Server and Stay Safe & Untraceable.
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