What is PageRank ? Learn Now !!!

Hi, Today I’m Going to explain what is PAGERANK ( PR ). So, Get ready & Learn Like Never Before.

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Who Invented PageRank ? Why ?

PageRank is invented by Google Fonder Larry Page and Sergey Brin to give marks (Hahaha…) to websites. Google consider around 200 factors to give page rank to a website.

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Scale ?

PageRank is given between 0-10. 0 is lowest for new comers or freshers ( I enjoyed fresher’s party….). 10 is very high scale page rank and a few websites have 10 pagerank.

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How to calculate PR ?
PageRank is evaluated by a theory given by Larry & Brin. It consider quality of web page or website & quantity of links to pointing to website( buy backlinks ). PR 5 have good inboud links to point to their website and PR 3 & PR 4 have fair links.
Effect of PR ?
PageRank effects on your seo & google consider its first. PR could have significant effect on your Google Ranking.
How to increase PR ?

If You want to increase your pagerank than you have to create many backlinks from high quality or high pr websites like reddit, bing, shoutmeloud.com etc.

Some Top Website’s PageRank :

Google – PR 10
USA.gov – PR 10
Facebook – PR 9
YouTube – PR 9
Yahoo – PR 9
Baidu- PR 9
WikiPedia – PR 9
Apple – PR 9


Author – Jay Patel

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