What is Off-Page SEO & Why should you need it ??? Learn Now !!!

Hi, Today I’m going to tell you about what is Off Page SEO & How to improve it for your website….So, Sit on your chair….Keep Calm….&….Subscribe 13Hub.com !!!
For your website, SEO is the most powerful tool to improve your website traffic and Domain Authority. There is 2 types of SEO : 1) On-Page SEO
                                                               2) Off-Page SEO
In this post you can find detail about Off-Page SEO.
Off-Page SEO like promotional activity. It increases your website visitors. In Off-Page SEO, technique like Search Engine Submission, Social Media Bookmarking, Blog Submission, Approved Blog Bookmarking, Article submission, Backlinks Creation, Directory Submission & more.
Let’s learn together about all this words:

  • Search Engine Submission : You have to submit your websites to main search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo to find someone your site on search engine.
  • Social Media Optimization : In SMO, you have to create pages, groups, discussion on social media site like Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn, Instagram etc.
  • Blog Submission : Blog Submission or Guest Post Submission is special tools for you & you can submit your post to that blog relative on that blog & you get backlinks and also a bookmark for your website that visitors consider as high quality blog.
  • Article Submission : You can submit your article on web directory or submit Guest Posts.
  • Backlinks : Backlinks is most important part of off page seo that direct your website. You can create  backlinks manually or buy backlinks from Here.
  • Directory Submission : Directory Submission is nothing but backlinking but you do not have to work hard for backlinks. Generally, Enter your website name, url, short decription and Submit it.
There is many factors affecting off-page SEO but this 6 are main factors for off-page SEO.
So, Do Off-Page SEO and Get top at the Google.
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Author – Jay Patel
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