Amazing Facts of Science – You’ll not Believe !!!

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  • If you are sealed in a room than you will die from carbon dioxide poisoning before you die from oxygen deprevation.
  • If Earth suddenly stop spinning, inertia would cause everything to jerk sideways at speed of 1600 km/h.
  • Jellyfish & Lobster are biological Immortals. They can’t die unless they are killed.
  • We are made of atom, a scientist studying atom. Actually, A group of atoms is studying a atom.
  • If you collapse an underwater bubble with an ultrasonic sound, Light is produced.
  • Scientist suggests that our universe is inside a bigger universe.
  • If you apply an electric current to pickle, it will glow in the dark.
  • 50% of human DNA is identical to a banana’s sequence.
  • If you take all veins from your body & put them end to end and you will die.
  • We can go faster than light but we can’t go faster than speed of light.
  • There are about 65 billions Neutrinos passing through one square centimeter of you, every second.
  • The slowest speed of light ever recorded is 17 m/s. Later on, A technique developed to stop it completely.
  • At absolute zero temperature, Helium becomes liquid that flows up against the gravity.
  • A single lightning strike has enough energy to fry 1,00,000 pieces of toast.
  • Water can be boiled and frozen at same time.
  • The human body contains 10 time more bacteria cell than human body cell.
  • You eat about 1 Kg insects and bug per year.
Author : Jay Patel
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