What is Do-Follow & No-Follow Links ??? Learn Now !!!

Hi, Today I’m going to tell you what is Do Follow & No Follow Backlinks…..So, Subscribe 13hub.com & Learn Like Never Before !!!

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If you are running a blog or website than SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is most important factor that affecting your website’s traffic & in SEO, backlinks are most important. Backlinks are like your site promoter. They tell any search engine that your website is trustworthy and good for user.

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There are 2 types of Backlinks : 1) Do-Follow Backlinks
2) No-Follow Backlinks

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1. Do-Follow : When you create a link on any website by post, comment or any other method than that links in code looks like :

            <a href=”http://www.13hub.com”>Blogging Basics 101</a> 

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Do-Follow links are considered when search engine search for trusted page. If you have more Do-Follow backlinks than Google consider your website as high grade website and your page rank will be increased & you’ll be consider as high authority and your page is top in Google and  you can get more traffic.

But…but…but…If you have bad backlinks or low rank ( 0-1 pagerank ) backlinks than this is harmful or not useful for your website ranking. So, Create high PR Do-Follow backlinks and get top at the Google.

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2. No-Follow : If link is tagged as No-Follow than links in code looks like :

            <a href=”http://www.13hub.com” rel=”nofollow”>Blogging Basics 101</a>

No-Follow links are not considered in search engine optimization. They worth nothing. They are like you give a pamphlet of ‘Leave Alcohol’ to a Alcoholic and he consider as nothing. So, Don’t make No-Follow backlinks.

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But…but…but…If you have only Do-Follow backlinks than Google is going to block you. So, Create 7 Do-Follow and 3 No-Follow backlinks out of 10.

So, Create Backlinks, Do SEO and Get Top at Any Search Engine…..

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Author – Jay Patel

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