Control Internet Speed (Bandwidth Control) of Your Router or Internet Connection for Any Specific Device !!!

Hi, Today I’m going to show you how to control bandwidth of your internet connection for any specific device. So, Subscribe & Learn Like Never Before…
Bandwidth Control is nothing but how many internet speed should be given to any specific device like mobile, laptop etc. So, you can get internet speed that you want.
First, You have to know IP address of the device which you want to apply BC ( Bandwidth Control not….)   for this login to your router administration and click on DHCP > DHCP Client List
1. Type your router’s Lan IP or Login Address in your browser.
     TP-Link :    Lan IP –  LA –
     Net Gear : Lan IP –
     D-Link :      Lan IP –
or Lan IP or LA and default username and password is written below or on your router.
2. Click on BANDWIDTH CONTROL and Enable Bandwidth control and enter Egress Bandwidth ( Upload Speed ) and Ingress Bandwidth ( Download Speed) ( Your speed in MBPS x 1024 ) for overall system ( for all device ). So, Enter these speed greater than your plan speed. Hit on Save.
3. For Speed Control of Specific device click on RULE LIST and simply click on ADD NEW.
4. Click on Enable. In IP Range, Enter Start IP to END IP.
If you want to control a specific device than Ex : START IP –  END IP –
If you want to control all device than Ex : START IP – starting IP of your router  END IP – Leave Blank
If you want to control among some IP than Ex : START IP –  END IP –
Than Click on SAVE.
kbps – kilobits per second
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